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The Chaosmic Cafe Show covers information that the mainstream media refuses to discuss. The shows Founder T.Y. DaRhyma looks into the lies, deceptions, and disinformation that has plagued families, communities, and nations and reveals hidden meaning in the Whole Book (bible). It is recommended that the listener take notes and do the research to enhance ones knowledge and understanding.

Welcome to The Chaosmic Café! We serve Intellectual dishes, containing Physiological ingredients to nourish the Cell Salt’s or the 12 disciples of the body aka Jesus the seed. Our Chef T.Y. DaRhyma uses Alchemic, Numerology, Biology, Psychology, Fleshology, Physiology, and any other ology in the dictionary, to enhance one’s thoughts. No GMO’s (God Man Oppression Syndrome), no additives, savior enhancers, or S.H.I.T (Suppressive Harmful Intrusive Thoughts).

We only use Ancient Hebrew, Phoenician recipes. Hand crafted by Chemist with no religious flavorings. Remember! A knife can cut many things, but it can’t cut itself, so too, the Eyes can see many things, but they can’t see the SELF. Know Thyself. Check out the show every Sunday @10pm and Sunday -Thursday @4am.

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