Whose responsibility is it to educate Black People?

Written by on September 14, 2021

Whose responsibility is it to educate Black People?

The Divine 9 Mechanisms


There are 9 controlling mechanisms that think tanks use against the population to control them, dictate to them the actions they would like to see from the controlled population, and watch them do it without being told. In this nine-part series, I will deal with the facts, no assumptions, no guestamations (add that one to the dictionary), no debates. I will use historical data and facts as we should when presenting information and knowledge. This Divine 9 that I speak of are

  1. economics
  2. education
  3. entertainment
  4. labor
  5. law
  6. politics
  7. religion
  8. sex
  9. war

We encounter one if not several of these Divine 9 at some point in our daily living, it is the structure of the society we live in and dictates to us how to maneuver as an individual, group, or community in a social or nonsocial setting. In part one we discussed the economics that impact the totality of all people with emphasis on people of color. In part 2 we will get into the educational field.


In the white world there are five players in the education arena: (1) the people (2) educators (3) elitists (4) the government and (5) big business. Big business sees education as a process that will produce efficient workers; individuals who can perform business tasks, conduct orders, and make decisions that will be good for the “bottom line.” Governments are also concerned about efficient workers because governments are major employers in the white world. However, the greater concern of governments is maintaining the status quo. Therefore, the major educational objective of governments is the production of law-abiding citizens; individuals who will endure unjust hardships without taking matters into their own hands, and individuals who will frown on “rebels” who attempt to upset the established relationship between those who have and those who have not. The educational objective of elitists, those insecure nerds of etiquette, is to impose the cultural, linguistic, societal, and other ethical quirks that they prefer onto all the people. For some strange reason, they want to tell everybody how to talk, how to look, what clothes to wear and when, etc., and brand those who refuse to follow suit with contemptible terms like “uncouth” and “low-breed”. As for educators, their objectives are varied, but they all hinge on the educator’s relative allegiance to the status quo. Educators, those individuals whose avowed purpose is to maximize the intellectual powers of their students, can de-prioritize their obligation to students when big business, the government and/or well-endowed elitists reward them to do so. As such, educators become big business’, the government’s, and the elite’s passageway to the people. It is through educators that the minds of the people are molded by commercial interests, the government, and the elite. And the people, what is education to them? It is what educators have told them it is, it is what others who have been educated tell them it is— the process whereby a person learns what needs to be learned to get a job, be a good citizen and/or acquire “class”.

In the white world, not a single player in the education arena is concerned about the proper development of individuals. Improperly developed individuals equate out to improperly developed nations.

There is no education arena in the white world, there is a training arena that is composed of thousands of training facilities called schools and universities. Two processes operate within the walls of these schools and universities. Number one, from the overall group the individuals who seem to be the “smartest” are identified and singled out. Number two, from among the “smartest”, the individuals who seem to be the least independent-minded (“team players”) and the least strong-willed are again singled out. These are identified as the “cream of the crop” and are sought after by various commercial, governmental, and elitist representatives.

[ Note: The second process, number two, is particularly useful to the status quo regarding Black People because it helps white power players determine which Black individuals can be convinced to join the white team and trusted to rub noses with white power. The function of the Black people who become members of the white team is to convince the Black masses to not rock the boat, to be patient, to fear white power. Their reward is a comfortable lifestyle, some visibility, and a redeemed ego. It would be interesting what research into the early years of these individuals might reveal.

Being educated is more than knowing formulas, concepts and bits and pieces of information. Being educated involves understanding where you stand in the context of those formulas, concepts and bits and pieces of information. For that reason, Black People cannot afford to educate their students with the intent of getting them the best job possible in the white American scheme of things. We need to break that link between Black education and white jobs and concentrate on providing Black students with the knowledge they need to take control of the critical quality of life factors. That is not as risky as it will sound to insecure parents because well educated people usually are not handicapped by dogma. They can figure out what they need to do to make their lives successful, fulfilling, and meaningful.


Charter Schools

Charter schools have become the rage for groups that want to get away from the restrictions of the traditional public school system. Any group of parents, educators or community organizations can put together a proposal and present it to an appropriate chartering agency. If the proposal is approved, the group gets the authority to operate its own public education institution.
The huge attraction of charter schools is the fact that they are public schools. That means, among other things, that a school receives public funds for each student it enrolls. The more students the school attracts, the more money it gets. Thus, one of Black People’s apparent problems, financing, is partially addressed by the charter school option.
The second attraction of charter schools is the lack of traditional restraints; each school independently manages its money, hires its own employees and can be educationally innovative. This opens the door to non-traditional budgets, teachers and assistants that are representative of a school’s target group, the purchase and use of non-traditional books and the implementation of non-traditional teaching principles and processes.
However, there is a major problem with the charter school system that negates all its apparent advantages. The charter school system is still a part of white America’s public school system. White America’s public school system is designed to promote white America’s political, economic, and social priorities. If a charter school institutionalizes an educational process that poses serious challenges to those priorities, that school will be attacked and decertified, and its incorporators could be charged with whatever type of illegal activity the status quo feels like pursuing.

I mentioned earlier that charter schools can be “non-traditional.” However, the term non-traditional must be understood within the proper context. Non-traditional means that which is not normally practiced, but within white America, non-traditional cannot go beyond what the status quo is willing to tolerate. White America’s system will allow itself to be stretched, but not beyond its comfort zone. Black People in America cannot progress in essential ways if we are confined to white America’s comfort zone, and that neuters charter schools as an effective alternative education tool for Our People.
The bottom word is this: Charter schools are designed to enable dissatisfied groups from a variety of cultures to produce supporters of a white power status quo in their own unique way. If the schools are producing supporters of a white power status quo, white people will let the administrators of that school run its operations as they see fit.
Charter schools, as presently constructed, permit a variety of groups to use different processes to reach the same white power objective. In that regard, charter schools are just another spoke in the “integration” wheel; they generate a lot of motion, but they can’t take Black People where We need to go. They function, in a sinister way, to sidetrack Us into not taking the measures We should be taking. We need to be establishing independent Black schools. With independent schools, we can enjoy the full advantages of managing Our own budgets, hiring Our own employees, being educationally innovative and learning to be self-governing. With independent schools, we can prepare Ourselves for real Black power and, if We see fit, work toward establishing an independent Black nation.
As for the financing, Black People are already capable of bankrolling independent Black schools. Any people who purchase as many cars, televisions, telephones/beepers, pizzas, and sneakers as We do can certainly finance the education of Black children. Right now, we are simply too irresponsible and immature to do so. That irresponsibility and immaturity are a result of Us going through white America’s school system. If it is, we should make sure that today’s Black people do not go through that same system and find themselves with the same shortcomings.
Charter schools are not the answer to Our educational needs. The answer to Our educational needs is Black adults who are responsible and politically mature.

To best educate Our People, Black People, it would do Us well to analyze the education process in the white world and determine where it has failed its people and its nations. In so doing, we can avoid the errors they made

One child looks at a tricycle and figures out how to ride it. Another child looks at a tricycle and figures out how to get someone else to push him around. Which child is smarter? Which child is more likely to contribute to a healthy society?
Which child is smarter? It depends on the culture. If the culture’s value system is the typical white value system, the second child is smarter. If the culture’s value system is a healthy, balanced value system, the first child is smarter.
Schools are cultural institutions. That explains the fallacy of expecting white America’s school system to serve the needs of Black People. White America’s school system is designed to produce white adults. A white child that enters white America’s school system will emerge with typical white adult values. A Black child that enters white America’s school system will also emerge with typical white adult values. That is simply the way things work. If you want your children to be immersed in a Black value system, but you expose them to a school system that emphasizes a white value system, the Black value system will be flushed down the drain.
To my knowledge, there is not one school system in existence that effectively passes on the principles, mores and values of more than one culture.
Which child is more likely to contribute to a healthy society? The one who is willing to carry his/her own weight. The child who looks for someone to push him around can make a lot of money, but since s/he would be primed to thrive in a sick society, s/he would not be equipped to contribute to a healthy one.


This was taken from a course in Black studies.

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