The Unspoken Word

Written by on October 29, 2020

Power! Do you have it? How does one go about gaining power? Do you feel as though power is a necessity, and if so how would you acquire it? Would you do whatever it takes to keep your power?

Power concedes nothing without a demand it never has and it never will.

How do you define power? Is it a value judgment based on ones opinion?

Power is the ability to define reality and have other people Respond to your definition as if it was their own.

Power is thought manifested through words, actions, and the inner dwelling will power to do. Seems as though we have power but most are unable to tap into this natural richness within us. How is it 1% of the people on earth have power and control over the 99% that struggle with the vices in life.

Could it be that the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the minds of the oppressed?


Tyrone Richardson

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