The divine 9 pt. 3 (Entertainment)

Written by on October 31, 2021

Entertainment has been the image shaper and maker for those who have a need to portray their thoughts onto the masses since its inception. Through entertainment one can send hidden messages to another person, group, or organization. We are told its just entertainment so it’s not to be taken seriously, but who owns the media? Who determines what we get to watch? Hollywood and the media have an interest in presenting crime and justice issues in a way that captivates audiences and stimulate passions. They have become the culture bandits of the day.

The media can also distort crime and justice issues by constructing attitudes and perceptions that do not match the reality of criminal problems. The black crime rate in the 1960’s was lower than it is today was there less racism or less poverty then? This society is at the mercy of an empire of disinformation, they have been manufacturing consent for decades and since the telecommunications act of 1996 which started the takeover of smaller companies and now included in the act is the internet and broadcasting, 5 companies control everything we hear and see when it comes to entertainment (the news falls under entertainment). These are the names of the 5 controlling companies.

  1. Comcast
  2. Disney
  3. AT&T
  4. National Amusement
  5. News Corp

News Corp was owned by Rupert Murdoch until 2013 and is now under Fox news and everything else Fox has to offer.

Brian Roberts owns Comcast which has under its umbrella AT&T Broadband, NBC UNIVERSAL, Sky, DreamWorks Animation, and XUMO.

Media outlets are seen as taking sides, encouraging polarized opinions, and not calling out lies, also there’s a propensity for keeping information back and creating false opinions that obscure facts and understanding. Whereas social media is worse, you cannot trust it, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction along with inaccurate information, and then there’s the algorithms. We are at the mercy of the media.  

Hollywood is the horror story when it comes to people of color. I could care less who wins a Grammy or Emmy it’s the moral value and conscious perception that’s unfolding before our eyes. Hollywood wants black people to always remember something they never were, a slave so to make this fallacy a reality they flood our visions with slave movies which reignites the false narrative that we were slaves, and we were not it’s a title.

The music industry has all but confined us, by now we should have our own stations, labels, record companies and so on. The crazy thing is we do have these things but instead of coming together and creating a one stop shop for artist we remain as individuals, and the success can only be achieved by a few. Now I’m not saying that all entertainment is bad in most cases it’s a break from the day routine unless you live in Killadelphia PA like me then you have 24/7 entertainment the good, the bad, and the ugly. This entertainment machine serves its partial purpose in taking you away from reality but some of us spend too much time in front of the Tell -A- Vision and watch people Tell-A- Lie and some believe the lie to a point where they take on the lie or image and become that lie or try to portray the image they seen.

I at times when I was younger would watch the Cosby show, it was difficult for me to accept and get into the show due to the fact in my neighborhood we don’t have a married black couple ones a doctor and the other a lawyer raising I believe they had 4 or 5 children everyone is successful no drugs or drinking no gun shots, no crazy family members NO STRUGGLE. Where I’m from this is not the norm, where I’m from you must work 2 jobs, your car broke down, you need a babysitter and there’s always some sort of struggle. The Jefferson’s had a maid, I don’t’ know if there are any maids in west Philly if so please send me an email so I can correct myself.

To continue this Divine 9 piece on entertainment I have below a video of Bro. Del Jones on Culture Bandits. Mr. Jones the pioneering revolutionist that he was before his passing away was outspoken on the media and Hollywood and how it destroyed black lives from the individual to the group.


PLAW-104publ104.pdf (

Telecommunications Act of 1996 | Federal Communications Commission (


By Tyrone Richardson

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