The Unspoken Word (Love is?)

Written by on August 10, 2021

Love is?

There are two cities

These two cities were made by two loves, the earthly city by the love of self-unto the contempt of G.O.D and the heavenly city by the love of G.O.D unto the contempt of self. The earthly city glories in its own power the heavenly in the power of G.O.D.

But there is a deeper psychological explanation of these two loves and of the way they contribute to the formation of two distinct societies. The love which unites the citizens of the heavenly city is disinterested love or charity. The other city is built on selfish love, or cupidity. Now there are two reasons why only one of these loves- charity can serve as the foundation for a happy and peaceful commonwealth. The first lesson is metaphysical charity, which is a love that leads the will to the possession of true values because it sees all things in their right order. It sees creatures for what they are and means to the possession of G.O.D it uses them only as means and thus arrives successfully at the end which is G.O.D. but cupidity is doomed from the start to frustration because it is based on a false system of values. It takes created things for ends in themselves, which they are not. The will that seeks rest in creatures for happiness and peace.

The second reason is psychological and moral. Those who love G.O.D love a supreme and infinite good that cannot be diminished by being shared. Those who place their hope on the possession of created and limited goods are doomed to conflict with one another and to everlasting fear of losing whatever they may have gained. Hence the city that is united in charity will be the only one to possess true peace because it is the only one that conforms to the true order of things, the order established by G.O.D. the city that is untied merely by an alliance of temporal interests cannot promise itself more than a temporary cessation from hostilities and its order will never be anything but a makeshift.


Makeshift- substitute

Cessation- stoppage

Cupidity – lust, greed

Metaphysical- a division of philosophy that is conceived with the fundamental nature of reality


Unity harmony order

Unity, harmony, and order in societies cannot be achieved through the makings of laws by man, and the policing of people’s behavior.

In the infancy of his spiritual evolutionary career, man in unable to perceive the hidden forces and abstract principles that unify the working of the shaping forces of the world, and the entities that make up the world. He creates therefore a way of life- systems of religion, science, economics, government, education, family, philosophy etc.

Mans perception of the world however cannot change the reality that the world is shaped and, maintained by a unified multiplicity of agencies and that the world is made up of an infinitude of interdependent entities.

Your SELF is the indwelling intelligence, so to become one with G.O.D one must know Thy Self. People who have a photographic memory can go spontaneously into a mild trance while reading. This is mindfulness, a key factor in your quest. Therefore, ideas and beliefs only have power to influence our lives when they have been charged with emotional force.


Study group questions:

Define Love?

If love is an emotion can you control it?

If your intelligence was working for you, would you create blissfulness or misery?


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