Tyrone Richardson and Jawara A. Lee Sr., as the founder and managing partners of Illadelphia Radio, possess a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of community-based media and broadcasting. Since its establishment in 2018, Illadelphia Radio has demonstrated remarkable growth, evolving into a globally recognized radio station with a strong emphasis on community […]

Black Mystery Month 2 Once again, I have come across what is called the (52 fake out). Originating in west Philadelphia on and around 52nd market streets. From hustlers playing 3 card monte on the tables back in the day(1980’s) on the strip. It’s all about deception sometimes with the help of others. That brings […]

                                                   BLACK MYSTERY MONTH (When the truth becomes the lie, and the lie becomes the truth)     DISCLAIMER Since 1492 people of color, tribes, or original peoples of the land mass called America have been mis-labeled for social engineering purposes. There’s no thing as Black or African American, these and other labels were made […]

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the unique mental health challenges faced by Black Men. Despite the increasing awareness and exposure to the crisis there remains a significant gap in understanding and addressing these issues. “Broken” is an 8-episode podcast that aims to shed light on the complexities of Black men’s […]

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April 6th, 2022, From the mind of an Instrumentalist T.Y. DaRhyma Our Lust to indulge in emotional decisions that alter our course in life, our Obsession withconsuming things by others who created the need in us to consume, our temperament forViolence, and our frustrations of Envy.From the mind of an instrumentalist T.Y. DaRhyma releases […]

  CuLt FriXion- occurs when an organization’s culture becomes misaligned with the fundamental behaviors that drive success. The FriXion happens when those behaviors start having a detrimental effect on performance. CuLt FriXion is a light, heavy, and many times a satirical analytic approach to the various topics that interest/effect Melanated People. (and others smart enough […]

Hear T.Y. DaRhyma play some of the hottest independent artists and musicians on the planet, every Saturday @8pm.

There are 9 controlling mechanisms that think tanks use against the population to control them, dictate to them the actions they would like to see from the controlled population, and watch them do it without being told. In this nine-part series, I will deal with the facts, no assumptions, no guestamations (add that one to […]

A place for the unwanted  The new world or America (which is the old world) just keep in mind that history was told to us in reverse, was a magnet for the poor. To get there they had to mortgage their labor in advance. They were not to know that they had contracted into slavery […]

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