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Bring the power of radio to your business.

In today’s market, there are many digital advertising options for businesses to use. While methods like social media, PPC, and SEM may be your first thoughts when brainstorming advertising for your business, it’s important not to underestimate the effectiveness of older advertising methods.

Every dollar you spend on marketing must work and radio has the highest return of all media. Now you can easily get your message on air with Illadelphia



Why should I advertise on radio?

Radio is both an extremely wide-ranging as well as very up-close means for advertising your product or service. You can get exposure while people are at home, at work, and on the road. And over 90% of Americans listen to radio at some point during their weeks — so it’s usually the most cost-effective form of mass media that you can buy!

You can use radio ads to:

  • Make people aware of your business
  • Drive traffic to your location
  • Promote an event like a sale or open house
  • Generate calls or new sales leads
  • Or anything else that helps your business!


How Can Radio Advertising Help Your Small Business?

Radio advertising can help your business reach an audience that you may be missing online or in print. Radio advertisements are short and simple and get your message across to listeners in a straightforward fashion.

Radio advertising is great for targeting a market because certain consumers listen to certain stations, and these stations can be simple to pinpoint depending on your target audience. Plus, creating a radio ad yourself is often cheap, unlike commercials and graphics for social media. So, radio advertising can help your business reach a wider audience and boost sales for a, often, cheaper advertising budget.


Radio Advertising Effectiveness by Industry

Radio advertising can be effective for businesses of all types. However, they have been proven to offer more success and increase sales in certain industries than others.

Mass product merchandisers and department stores are the industries that see the biggest ROI, followed closely by telecommunications providers. These stores and brands are often easy to remember and offer consumers products or services that everyone likely needs at one point.

Therefore, industries that cater to a wider audience, like fast food services, often receive a significantly higher ROI with their radio ads.



Where should I place my radio advertising?

  • Different programming appeals to different audiences. So, before you buy, ask yourself, who is my product or service designed for? Or who are my best customers? Or is there a new group that I’m trying to reach? Just find the shows that appeal specifically to those potential customers, and place ads on them.

 How long should I advertise on the show?

  • A good rule of thumb is that it takes about two or three months to evaluate whether something is working.

 What’s the secret to radio advertising?

  • The same thing with all mass media advertising: repetition. And when you’re done with that, try adding a little repetition. There’s a reason why you see those TV ads repeatedly. And why you know where the Bahi Hut is located. And why you know what your baloney’s first name is.
  • In other words, don’t plan to buy just one expensive Super Bowl-style ad. Buy lots of little ones, and scatter them over time. That way, you’ll get lots of (you guessed it): Repetition.
  • The world’s most creative advertisement will not boost sales if it runs only one time unless it appears constantly and becomes registered in your audience’s mind. An ad must repeatedly air the client’s message multiple times throughout the day at a relatively minimal cost. By the time a listener hears the same ad five times on the way to work and another five times on the way home, she/he will know the car dealer has great deals on the best salon cars that money can buy.
  • It takes weeks, if not months of production before the target audience ever sees advertisements on newspapers or television. Online radio advertisements can be written, produced, and aired all in the same day.

How do I create an audio ad?

  • After you select your campaign goals, target audience, dates, and budget, you’ll be able to choose your ad’s creative style. Our team of writers understand that what you say is just as important as how you deliver it, so they’ll craft your ad to fit the tone you select using the information you provide along with details on your website(s).
  • When selecting the tone you would like for your ad, you can choose from three options: Let the pros decide, Funny, and Serious. If you select ‘Funny’ as your tone type, you can then further clarify if you’d like it to be Wacky, Dry Humor, or Lighthearted. If you select ‘Serious’ as your tone type, you can request an ad that is Emotional, Instructional, or Professional.
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