Black Mystery Month

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                                                   BLACK MYSTERY MONTH

(When the truth becomes the lie, and the lie becomes the truth)




Since 1492 people of color, tribes, or original peoples of the land mass called America have been mis-labeled for social engineering purposes. There’s no thing as Black or African American, these and other labels were made up to take land away for the original inhabitants that were called Indian, Mulatto, Negro, Colored, Black, and African American. These labels were used to keep us from knowing who we were/are while at the same time developing a psychopathic racial personality. These terms or labels that have been applied to us since the World invasion of America have perpetuated a false sense of identity, lack of culture, history, land, economic structure, and nation building. People of color are none of these labels, I say each family should be able to define itself so it may through prosperous means, ways, and morals function in a dysfunctional world. I was reading an essay that stated these questions:

  1. Black students need to learn the truth about white American history.
  2. Black students should learn about Black
  3. Black students should learn about Black

The problem with these statements come to the surface when asked, who will teach these students about Black, and American history? Who will educate them on Nationalism?





                                                         The Truth and the lie


We come to the time when feelings and emotions are running rampant in the wrong direction. The time is Black History month, which was started in February 1926, by Carter G. Woodson who sent out a press release announcing the first Negro History Week. He chose February because the month contained the birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and the fictional character Frederick Douglass. With the issues and the downfall of civil rights in the 1960’s it is said that young African Americans on college campuses were looking in another direction in regard to acknowledging and celebrating their struggles. The ASNLH (ASALH’s official mission is “to promote, research, preserve, interpret, and disseminate information about Black life, history, and culture to the global community.” Its official vision is “to be the premier Black Heritage and learned society with a diverse and inclusive membership supported by a strong network of national and international branches to continue the Woodson legacy) which eventually became the association for the study of African American history {In other words there was to be a selected group of men “learned” within a certain society to lead this mission}. In 1976, on the 50th anniversary of the first Negro History Week, the Association officially made the shift to black history month. The writers of Black history all come from a European background, and they are the authors of Indian, Mulatto, Negro, Colored, Black, and African American people in America. The authors of IMNCBAA people have dictated the past, present, and future with slave narratives to keep people from knowing and understanding who they are, where they came from, and where they are headed. After years of teaching these false stories and making up history, many scholars have decided to remove the so-called black history from schools. Maybe they are tired of telling the lies to them, see no need in confusing them anymore than they are, and finally, because the damage has been done. With Black History month the same people are talked about each year, and we can no longer live this lie due to the fact that most of it is a social engineering program designed to keep people in confusion.

Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Frederick Douglass are fictional characters or the superheroes of the Slave Narratives, these are not my words, the books are narratives written by novelists, THEY ARE FICTION. I stated in one of my Black Mystery Month segments that “they are called slave narratives because, they were written by European novelists who were trying to understand a situation or series of events that reflects and promotes a particular point of view or set of values, and that would be all of the turmoil in the 1960’s”. Prior to 1960 these people did not exist, there were no books on them, no data, or records of any kind to establish their existence, they were celebrated with images and brought to life by repetitive chants. You know America has written its own history and they can make changes to it as they see fit. Those who finance the education of black people can direct it as they will, and they will remove it, alter it, adjust, and make necessary corrections, deletions, and label changes.

In the Harriet Tubman story, she is struck with some type of metal object to the head, the story goes on to say that she had a cracked skull and laid down for days without receiving any medical attention with a cracked open skull! We know there was no actual underground railroad, that was and is a state of mind. If you can explain to me how an illiterate can write his own biography at the age of 21 and just learned the alphabet as a teenager, That’s Frederick Douglass, and Nat Turner well he was supposed to have given a confession to a lawyer in prison by the name of Thomas R. Gray, who in turn published the book in 1831. That was the lie, the truth, well here we go. The author of the confessions of Nat Turner is none other than William Styron who had his lawyer Thomas R. Gray in 1967 publish the book and in 1968 (Martin was assassinated in 1968) the book won the Pulitzer prize, but with controversy. Scholars argued that the timeline was not lining up with actual history and the author would go on to say that Nat Turner would fantasize about raping white women and he also had a sexual encounter with another male slave in the woods. This is typical stereotyping of a black male to criminalize and effeminize his image and character.

MLK as great as some say he was admitted that he mis-led his people with the civil rights movement, a mistake he clearly admitted to and that’s why he started the Poor Peoples Campaign to counter the mistakes and to approach civil rights from a different direction or perspective. By this time the government was done with him, and he was of no more use to them, so they had people of color within his small circle set him up. King knew he had an informant within his small circle, and he was going to expose him. Now I know I’m off topic here but I’m working my way back, Martin was going to expose Jesse Jackson, Jesse was the informant, he made the call that his cover was blown. On the day of the hit Jesse and Martin had been arguing about Jesse strongly refusing to wear a tie, why? The call went out that the friendly’s would not be wearing ties, so he wouldn’t be mistakenly shot. When Martin was shot Jesse was the first one there kneeling over Martin, he took his hands using the blood of Martin and rubbed the blood all over his white shirt and told everyone that Martin’s last words were for him to carry on his legacy. I will have another blog on this but what I’m saying here is that people of color have been manipulated since 1492, they have been programmed to kill each other, breed mistrust, and subjective unity runs through their neighborhoods. Martin’s birthday is celebrated each year not Malcolm, and we know why. In Philadelphia they have a statue of Rocky Balboa a fictional character from a movie, the real person is Sylvester Stallone, rocky is an icon and is celebrated in Philadelphia as a god. Harriet Tubman is a fictional character who is praised and celebrated each year, to the point that the government or whoever suggested putting her on a twenty dollar bill. “People believe in things they don’t understand”.

Black Mystery Month should be a time where we expose the lies told by others so that people of color can stop regurgitating false history and poising their own people. Black Mystery Month should be told every month, why? In1492 we were called Indians by the Spanish invaders, later we were called mulattoes, by the early 1900’s we were called Negroes, then came colored people (NAACP), during the late 1950’s into the 60’s it was Black (black power, black is beautiful, black rebels, black panthers, black-black-black). During Jesse Jackson’s presidential run (1980) he said from this point on we will be called African Americans, so now we toggle between being Black, African Americans, and Niggers. All of this information cannot be told within 28-29 days. The labels and terms used to define people of color have been given to them by others. The media has given people of color a birth date called slavery, but the first slaves to arrive by boat in America were Europeans and Christians and they had Black or Negro masters up to the late 1600’s. at this point the elite Europeans and Christians decided to create a race of people called (White) who by their law could not be enslaved. This left the original people of the land at the time the prime suspect for slavery or indentured servitude.1681 THE WHITE RACE OF PEOPLE WAS ESTABLISHED they were no longer called Christians or Europeans.

1781 England sends over its’ jail birds and undesirable’s America along with Australia became a place for the unwanted.

1776 the united states began. So that we are clear the United States are not a country, it is the name of a corporation. They created adhesion contracts to enslave people into their company.

1787 the CONstitution was signed.

Your federal district or nation sits between Maryland (which is Mary) and Virginia (this is virgin) the birth of this nation is from the Virgin Mary symbolically as they put it.

The democratic party was founded around 1828.

The republican party emerged in 1854 to combat the Kansas-Nebraska act and the expansion of slavery into American territories. The white southerners at the time predominantly backed the democratic party.

The 13th amendment was established in 1865, this amendment caused the joining of the original people of color and whites together in what would eventually become wage slavery.

The 14th amendment was established in 1868, combined with the 13th amendment wage slavery is official.

In summary

Black history month has been a mystery for millions of people. It’s time to expose the lies.


Tyrone Richardson


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