The Unspoken Word ( C Section Minds)

Written by on January 1, 2021

C Section Minds

By 2030 the Black population will have decreased by 20%. This is significant in our continued domination, exploitation, of a once mighty race. As we continue to mis- educate their youth and hide from them the true nature of who they were, was, and can become is our safety net in order to control thought. Through thought not action we may dictate to them how to act, talk, behave, love, hate, celebrate, mourn, be happy, but most of all SELF HATE. Through SELF HATE one can control their population. With point of emphasis methods we can pair two black males to immediately dislike another. You see SELF HATE equals death, SELF HATE equals disease, and it equals disloyalty. We are at the stage now where we can make their reality a virtual perpetuation of constant struggle and anger, poverty, illiteracy, and death are sure to follow.

That is from Agenda 2030 an outline of what’s to come not just for blacks but humanity. These are questions I have to ask because too many are lost or don’t know, the challenge has become getting them to inner stand that they have a problem to begin with.
1. Can you break bad habits without conflict?
2. Can you clear the mind of all that you know? (That saying where someone says I need to clear my mind or head)
3. Can you free yourself from your anxieties?
4. Are you conditioned to suffer or go through great conflicts in life?
5. Do you inherit violence or is it natural?
6. Can you live a life without any form of control? Or do you feel as though you need to be controlled? And if so who will be your controller? Will he/she be the same as you or different? Can you control yourself?
Now we return back to the bad habits, the things we repetitively do on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis whether natural or unnatural, right or wrong Good or bad, positive or negative, in order to deal with your habit you will come across conflicts to resolve them this is a natural occurrence. Everything comes from thought and if you cannot control your thoughts you will be unable to control your actions that is why the question was presented, can you live a life without any form of control? We create beliefs and security from our anxieties our anxieties stem from our own contradictions so people created a religion to believe in and a god for security. Everything we see that is not natural man has created to please his self desires to live out his self centered beliefs and in doing such has created controlling methods to govern him and others. When these controlling methods fail or are no longer valid man now has to change the society in which he created but he never changes his self. So I asked the question can you free yourself from your anxieties. Good and evil are joined at the hip you can’t have one without the other. Man created good and evil but man did not create night and day, man has created division among man but man did not create the firmament. Man created psychology but has yet to teach us how the entire brain works and functions using radio, solar, sine, and micro waves or the location of our body transmitters for energy. We are broadcast-ed waves of negative energy through Tell A Vision programming we call it TV. I recommend to all to pick apart your mind learn how it works, how does it store memory challenge the way you think about thinking. Please listen, rarely do you hear crimes involving whites described as white on white crime. It has a negative effect and impact socially and economically. By saying black on black crime it creates a stereo type that blacks are tolerant of crime and disorder and don’t share the moral standards of main stream society. But we must ask ourselves, who created our society? Do they look like the same black people in the community? Who created the environment in which we live? Black people believe the same man who created the crime bill (Joe Biden 1994) which was aimed at them will treat them better than Donald trump, remember what Biden said “if you don’t vote for me then you’re not black”. The power elite understand how the mind operates that’s what their think tanks tell them, they the powers that control know we are vibration, energy, electrical beings that are capable of transmitting energy and waves through our mind and bodies. This scamdemic is the big reset as they like to call it, so to control your existence they are using radiation (5G) now you may get sick and some will die but they must decrease the population and step one is to control your mind and time. Have you heard the phrase out of time, times up, time for change, a change is coming, time will tell, time out, the good old times, in these times, there are more but you get the mental picture. The deception of conception, the illusion of choice has made any argument on reasoning invalid, this is why education is important not just the standard education but one that empowers the people to obtain power. So I have to ask the question do you think fallacy is the new reality, a corona signals energy you see it when there’s lighting. The corona is the energy that you receive from 5g which causes an overload of corona poisoning or 5g or radiation. The corona virus is created by energy. They have weaponized energy to attack your mind and body, so it is true the greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

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