The Chaosmic Cafe -God’s Cafe

Welcome to (Generator Operator Destroyer) G.O.D.’S Café! We serve Intellectual dishes, containing Physiological ingredients to nourish the Cell Salt’s or the 12 disciples of the body aka Jesus the seed. Our Chef T.Y. DaRhyma uses Alchemic, Numerology, Biology, Psychology, Fleshology, Physiology, and any other ology in the dictionary, to enhance one’s thoughts. No GMO’s (God Man Oppression Syndrome), no additives, savior enhancers, or S.H.I.T (Suppressive Harmful Intrusive Thoughts). We only use Ancient Hebrew, Phoenician recipes. Hand crafted by Chemist with no religious flavorings. And remember! A knife can cut many things, but it can’t cut itself, so too, the Eyes can see many things, but they can’t see the SELF. Know Thyself.

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