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A name printed in all CAPITAL letters for instance creates a fictitious corporate person, and someone who responds to a document addressed that way, accepts the characterization.


Registering an automobile conveys ownership to the state and puts the former owner in the position of leasing the state’s vehicle by paying the registration fee.


Registering children at birth is the process by which one receives a birth certificate makes them federal children and forms a constructive trust in which the parents become the trustee, the child becomes an asset of the trust and the state becomes the principle beneficiary of the trust.


Applying for a social security number tells the federal government that the Sovereign citizen is repudiating his state citizenship to apply for inferior federal citizenship, and is prima facie (based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise) evidence that the applicant has voluntarily entered into a voyage for profit or gain in negotiable instruments and maritime enterprise. In accepting a SSN that does not belong to him the sovereign citizen has sold his birthright of freedom to the federal government.


Federal citizenship is much more limited, federal citizenship was created by the 14th amendment which created a citizenship of the US as distinct from that of the states. The 14th amendment is not based on race rather it is a class of persons who are enfranchised to the federal government. This class includes all federal employees, and residents of the District of Columbia, Guam, and other areas of the US.

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Tyrone Richardson

November 7th 2020

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