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King , Inventor and Pioneer of ReggaeRap tm and Prince of Dancehall , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor was raised in the sunny islands of Kingston, Jamaica, in a little community called Backbush, Mt. View . Birth name Denton Alixcis Malcolm , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor is nephew to Jamaican reggae singer Nadine Sutherland and cousin to Popcaan Sutherland, int’l reggae dancehall artist .

CEO of RKELG and Boss of the artist crew Rude Mafia , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor prodigious talent was fostered by talent shows, talent competitions , lunch rooms, sound systems , dances and countless days creating songs on the way home or at home .

Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor migrated to USA at age 13, where he first landed in New York, then settled in Washington, DC . At age 17 , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor recorded his first singles “Which One “ and “If You Ever Dis” unreleased by W.I.R.M Records. Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor later signed to Manchild Entertainment in 1996. Manchild Ent. produced and released ReggaeRap tm single ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ on the hypnotize riddim authorized by Bad Boy Records Ceo, P. Diddy.

Upon on the end of his contract with Manchild Entertainment, Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor launched R.K.E (Rude Kid Entertainment ) in 1998. R.K.E produced and released his next ReggaeRap tm single ‘Public Announcement ‘  which became a DMV anthem , also premiered on WKYS 93.9 fm by DJ Trini w/ Live Squad crew.

During 1998-2001 , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor music , likewise his businesses flourished in Washington, DC . Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor won three (3) DC Reggae Artist of the Year , the 2001 Bob Marley Award, the 2001 Endurance Award , also two (2) Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and First Runner-Up Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The media reviews were countless, Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor  featured on numerous corporate publications including   three times (3x) on CNN tv, one time(1x) on  CNN radio , Inc Magazine video w/ Ben & Jerry’s (over 500,000 sold), Wall Street Journal, Washington Business Journal, Washington Informer , Baltimore Sun newspaper, YES! Magazine , CH 9, CH 8/NBC 4 Pat Lawson-Muse , ‘For Love or Money ‘- Patty Alper , WPGC 95.5 fm (David Haynes), BET ( Adimu & Rachel ) and WPFW 89.3 fm .   

In the year 2001 , Dj Funk Regulata Celo (456/Big Dawg Pitbulls) reminiscent of 50 Cent  ‘You could find me in the club’ , found Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor in the club performing at Dj Super Slice event and said ‘ let me take you out the club and put you on the radio’. So said so done, Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor singles ‘Diesel & Prada pt.1’, ‘Real Badman’ and ‘Heading for No.#1’ later went into daily rotation on WPGC 95.5 fm 2001-2003. Several record deal offers came as a result , from G-Unit Records, Roc-a-Fella Records, Darkchild Entertainment , La-Face Records and Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor received his first record deal contract from 2G records via then contingent manager Nikki Williamson. It was during the ‘Diesel & Prada pt.1’ era , Jimmy Lovine (Co-Founder of Interscope Records ) told Vito of One Up Entertainment ‘Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor is a superstar .’ In addition, Harve Pierre (President of Bad Boy Records) chose Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor for MTV Making of Da Band 2003 at Howard University’s, Cramton auditorium. 

After falling ill 2003, unable to capitalize on the year 2003 in the making, Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor re-emerged 2005 with his reggaerap tm single ‘ Ain’t Bentley’, which debut on Top 40 station Hot 99.5 fm . Upon speaking to his trademark lawyer , Liza Vertinsky of Hill & Barlow law firm in Boston, Massachusetts, Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor added ReggaeRap Inventor to his name and began on a journey no other human had embark on, trademarking and implementing genre , ReggaeRap tm.

Fourteen (14) years later, Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor , Boss of RMF, Ceo of RKELG , King , Inventor and Pioneer of ReggaeRap tm , musical genius is being recognized in 80 countries, and over 12 singles in heavy rotation. In his true entrepreneurial spirit, Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor has implemented a new genre with his dancehall forte , created an artist crew namely Rude Mafia (RMF) currently consisting of 15 active members, expanded R.K.E. portfolio to RKELG(Rude Kid Ent Label Group) which includes four (4) imprint labels , seven (7) stellar producers  and signing artists that compliments his roster. As the CEO/franchise artist of RKELG, he also released his debut mixtape albums Boss of Rude Mafia pt.1 and pt.2 and Sutherlands 1.0, Blood Cousins. Also, finalizing distribution for the release of the Hyper Bass riddim compilation album, commencing production on the Big Fete riddim compilation album, and more recently released How We Roll , Infamous, moombahton/reggaerap tm remixes, pre-released Stuck with Us produced by RKELG , and Wave Yuh Hand produced by Dj Gio and Kissifer produced by NR Records .

Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor designed for worldwide success, has been featured for ReggaeRap tm on BBC radio (UK), WHBC 830AM/TV51, WPFW 89.3 FM, WKYS 93.9 FM, 101.5 FM (Boston/FL), 91.3 FM ( Delaware), 96.1 fm ( NJ) , the cover of the Reggae Source Magazine, cover of the Black Star Newspaper (3 million newsstands in NYC), Carib Press Magazine , Reloaded Magazine ,, , (Fox 5 DC),,  online , college and caribbean radio stations worldwide.

The world now celebrate the dancehall Prince new genre ReggaeRap tm and someday will go in the store and ask for his genre by name. With fifteen (15) entertainment awards, twelve (12) entrepreneurship awards and one (1) fashion award , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor is well on his way to superstardom as endorsed by the Grammy king Shabba Ranks, and Jimmy Lovine ( Co-founder of Interscope Records). Major labels such as Sony Music , Clive Davis ( Fdr of J-Records/ Brd of Sony Music), Def Jam, Wu-Tang Records are seeking to sign Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor , RKELG CEO/franchise artist .

 A new genre , for a new generation, Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor  the King of ReggaeRap tm, RKELG the next level . For interviews, concerts, tours, dubs, drops, jingles, collaborations , features, singles , cameos, hosting, guest appearance, endorsements, sponsorships , and licensing .

Contact: Denton A. Malcolm  , Chairman & Ceo-Founder

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Slogan : ‘RKELG the Next Level tm’ ‘Home of ReggaeRap tm’

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