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Sarai Korpacz

Sarai Korpacz

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New York based Christian singer, songwriter, and recording artist Sarai Korpacz is certainly an artist who inspires. Building off the momentum of several successful releases in a row over the last year plus, the interest in her work just continues to rise. Her latest single, ‘Eden in Me‘ was released on July 1st, 2021, in both audio and video form, showcasing not just her heavenly voice, but also Sarai’s ability as a songwriter to take Biblical ideas and translate them in a way that listeners can relate to and enjoy, as she educates.

Sarai Korpacz understands the true power of worship. She gave her life to Christ at the early age of 6 and started writing poems and songs as a teenager. As an adult, Sarai has an educational background in Law and Finance. She creates upbeat, positive Christian music that spreads a simple message – worship God in spirit and truth. He is always there, no matter how rough the road is. She makes music which is creating an awareness of God’s love and is allowing listeners to see themselves through God’s perspective.

Sarai states: “In Genesis Sin separated us from that perfect rest with God, but Jesus reconciled us back to the Father. Each time we avail ourselves to commune with God, we create that place that Eden stood for. Eden in Me is about God’s children, as living gardens of Eden existing here on earth. We are portals to God’s divine presence. Zephaniah 3:17 says, “He rejoices over us with singing.” So, as we worship the Father, He first has been rejoicing over us as He is our creator.” Sarai continues, “I hope the words of this song leave no doubt in the listeners heart that the Lord longs to find that resting place in our hearts and minds. In return we give Him back the Eden that He placed within us, for we are His children.”

Eden in Me‘ is her first single in 2021, and it is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and the rest of the major streaming platforms. The music video itself was shot in Hawaii, a remarkable experience, with Sarai describing the beauty of Hawaii as, “a wonderful representation of an Eden that we can all relate with.”

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