Rob Marly

Rob Marly

Rob Marly

Rob Marly, the multi-talented singer-songwriter making waves in the grime and reggae
genres, is back with a brand-new single, ‘Waiting’.

This latest track, following his independent album, entitled ‘RE Introduction’, has been
produced in partnership with Pinky Music London. A second track by the name of ‘Bringin’
Reggae Back’ is also set to follow.

In this latest single, ‘Waiting’, Marly combines a reggae undertone with an R&B feel to
create something completely fresh and unique for his fans around the world.
This is not something new for Marly as he has experimented with reggae, trap, grime,
dancehall, R&B, Afro Beat and Afro House throughout his career, seamlessly combining
genres in a fresh and distinctive way that piques the interest of even the most doubtful of

For any fans of reggae, R&B, Rob Marly or just high-quality music, ‘Waiting’ is a simply
unmissable track. It truly is vintage Marly at his very best!

The new track, in association with Pinky Music London was directed by the great Lloyd Pink
and there is certainly more where that came from on the horizon.

Rob Marly was born in North West London and his love for music shone through at an early
age, a passion which has only intensified through the years.

Marly highlights issues in modern-day society through his raw and emotional lyrics,
accompanied by some of the most unique and atmospheric instrumentation on the music
scene at the moment.

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