Ancient Number System by Tyrone Richardson

Written by on May 6, 2024

                                                            The Ancient Number System

  1. God
  2. Body and Soul.
  3. New Life (Resurrection, New Beginning).
  4. Fourfold (physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional).
  5. Meditation and Sacrifice.
  6. Doctrines, laws, religion.
  7. Divine intervention.
  8. Rupture, separation.
  10. Completion
  11. See 1
  12. The number of perfections in Hebrew.


Here is the question.

Why did an ancient, advanced civilization create an ancient number system?

In the realm of alchemy, numbers held significant symbolism beyond their mathematical value. Each number was imbued with mystical and esoteric meanings, believed to represent fundamental aspects of the universe and human consciousness. Alchemists attributed various qualities and characteristics to different numbers, associating them with elements, planets, stages of transformation, and spiritual concepts.

COMING SOON: The Ancient Number System by: Tyrone Richardson

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